Bright Tanzania – Private climbing & Safari tours is a member of “The Travel Club” as an independent tour operator. With this formula, “The Travel Club” offers a platform to small-scale specialist tour operators and represents the interests of these organisations.

All members of “The Travel Club” stand for a personal approach and are distinguished by their involvement and expertise. They offer a varied range at various different destinations, near and far.

The affiliated organization is a member of ANVR membership number 05733, which provides an extra guarantee that the tour operator meets all legal requirements. It goes without saying that all affiliated organizations also have business liability insurance. This insurance covers damage to persons and/or property and the resulting consequential damage should something unexpected happen during the trip. So you know that you can book a trip with one of the affiliated members with peace of mind!

All affiliated tour operators also have a mandatory travel guarantee on their package tours. Bright Tanzania – Private climbing & Safari tours is affiliated with VZR-Garant. You are therefore assured at all times that you will receive a full refund of the prepaid travel money if Bright Tanzania – Private climbing & Safari tours unexpectedly goes bankrupt.

Membership of the Calamity Fund is mandatory for affiliated tour operators. This guarantees that in the event of a calamity your travel organizer will have to adjust the trip and then the necessary costs will be reimbursed. Does the organizer have to temporarily suspend the trip, or do you have to return home early? Then you will receive part of the travel sum back.

Due to the above certainties, you can assume that if you book a trip with a tour operator affiliated with “The Travel Club” you have found a reliable partner. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with or during a trip and this is not resolved according to your wishes, it is good to know that all members are affiliated with the Travel Disputes Committee.

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